Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks That Are Fun and Easy to Learn

Magic tricks are fun and easy to learn. All you need is a little practice to become an expert magician!

Here are some cool magic tricks that use pencils. They’re easy to perform and will impress your friends. Try them out today! You’ll need a pencil, ring, watch and some paper.

Easy Magnetic Pencil Trick

Kids will have fun impressing their friends with this simple trick that makes a pencil look like it’s magically levitating. The trick involves a bit of preparation, but it’s worth the effort. It’s also easy to do at home, using things you probably already have in the house.

Start by obtaining two pencils. Regular wooden pencils work best, but you can try it with a mechanical one too. Slip the end of the first pencil underneath the second one to support it. Rest the second pencil on a table. Grab your wrist with one hand. With the other hand, reach underneath your watch and grab your wrist.

Your index finger on the other hand is secretly holding the second pencil against your palm. When you let go of the “grabbing” hand, the pencil magically stays in place. Try a few variations to get the feel for this trick and practice a bit before performing it in front of others.

Easy Floating Ring Trick

The floating ring magic trick is one of the most amazing magic tricks ever. It is very easy to perform and will leave your audience in awe of your magical powers. It is a great beginner magic trick, and once you have mastered this trick, you can move on to more advanced tricks.

Begin by removing the ink chamber from the pen and fastening a length of invisible thread around it like shown in the picture. Next, take a safety pin and tie the other end of the thread to it. Be patient with this step as it takes a while to set up. Then tuck the pin inside your clothing so it is not visible.

Now when you hold the ring very cleanly nothing to conceal, apply an easy level spin. The ring will slowly begin to levitate upward and then slowly descend onto the viewers own finger. This magic trick is so cool and a must-have for any magician!

Easy Thru Bill Trick

Defy the laws of physics and leave your audience utterly astounded with this captivating magic trick. The Pencil Thru Bill is sure to become one of your most popular illusions. It’s perfect for magicians of all skill levels and can easily be incorporated into your existing routines.

To perform this trick, you’ll need a blank piece of paper that’s about the same size as a dollar bill. The paper should be crisp and free of wrinkles. You’ll also need a pencil.

Once you’ve prepared your piece of paper, fold the dollar and tuck it into the paper. Then, thrust the pencil through both the folded bill and the paper. When the magician removes the pencil, the audience sees that the bill is still intact.

This is a great trick to perform in front of children. It’s simple and easy for them to do, yet it will blow their minds. It’s a good way to get kids excited about learning basic magic tricks.

Easy Three-Piece Trick

The trick is easy, but it requires some practice to get the speed and movement just right. This is a good trick for younger magicians to try.

This is a cool way to show that you can read someone’s mind. Have audience members write down a number (try something simple like 2 x 2, or 10 divided by 5, or even just add 3 and 4). Then, while they are still thinking of it, tell them that you know their secret number. All they need to do is think of a large animal that begins with the same letter as the number. (It works every time.)

Using sodium polyacrylate (found at most gardening and hardware stores), you can turn any cup into a water-filled magic prop! It’s a fun trick that kids can do in front of their friends. It also makes a great trick for parties!

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